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Kyoto: A few more

Summer rain.


One afternoon while in Kyoto, we took it easy. A summer rainstorm was in full force. We decided to wait it out as long as we could, and then headed out for a leisurely walk. I think the first stop involved Mike getting his umbrella (that actually belonged to our guesthouse) swiped while inside the corner store. After that we mainly wandered through quieter parts of Kyoto and eventually made our way to Kyoto station. These are just a few fairly random photos from that afternoon and evening.



Left: View of the city. / Right: I just liked the depiction of elderly people. So cute. IMG_0170_2 Japan41 Japan4

Left: Kyoto Tower / Right: Stairway at Kyoto Station

Kyoto Station (10th floor Ramen street) is also where I found some vegetarian ramen. A sign said, “We have vegetarian ramen. Just order miso or soy broth!” I was so excited. I ordered miso (from an automatic waiter), crossed my fingers, and anticipated a delicious meal. Well, that “vegetarian ramen” came out with a big slice of pork on top. Mike and I looked at each other and before I could do more than flap my hands wildly, he swooped in with his chopsticks to save the day. I just pretended like I’d never seen the pork in the first place and enjoyed the noodles. I was pretty hungry.

We enjoyed Kyoto so much that we changed our itinerary a bit so we could return for an extra day at the end of our trip. Now on to Nara.

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