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Oh, hello…

On life support.

An afternoon walk to the “Field of Joy” in our town. 

Every so often I think to myself, “I should really pay more attention to my blog.” And then at other times, I think “My blog’s pretty much dead. Maybe I should just let it die.” Yet, neither of those scenarios seem right. I definitely pulled back from blogging when I moved to Morocco. I can’t believe that was over two years ago! At that time, I was just so busy and so emotionally drained that blogging didn’t hold much of an appeal.

Unfortunately, even though my life now is much less stressful, the appeal of blogging never really returned. I’m not in love with my site layout and I’ve never enjoyed posting via WordPress. I read other blogs less frequently than before and roll my eyes at some of the travel writing that’s being published lately.

However, I do still view my blog as a place to set aside travel photos and memories for safe-keeping. My goal is to every so often catalogue a new trip or experience. Hopefully, I’ll feel motivated enough in the next few weeks to post more about my life here in Korea as well as a trip to Japan I took this past July.

So if you’ve wondered at all if this little blog is dead, the answer is “sorta kinda.”

xo, jill

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