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Kiva Loan: July/August

4 down, 2 to go!

My Kiva loan for July and August goes to Kayi in Togo. I thought it would be nice to lend to a borrower in Togo because a friend is currently serving in the Peace Corps there. I’m looking forward to one day hearing his stories and learning from his experience. When I saw Kayi’s borrower page, I knew she’d be the one. Kayi sells textiles and is requesting a loan to buy more damask and traditionally printed West African fabrics. I’d love to get my hands on some of it!

Photo from Kayi’s Kiva listing

Have you heard about Kiva Zip? It’s a new way to lend directly to entrepreneurs. Looks interesting.

xo, jill

Flinders Ranges

Hot and dusty.

After leaving Adelaide, Mike and I headed up to the Flinders Ranges and Flinders Ranges National Park. Considering the rather warm weather, we were some of the only visitors in the area. We checked in at the ranger station and did a bit of hiking before driving further out to a campsite.
We had the entire camping area to ourselves… except for the kangaroo that nearly crashed into Mike while he was off exploring. This is also where we enjoyed the pleasure of boxed water. You know, like boxed wine. I only ever saw it in South Australia but it was awesome and made camping so much easier. I wish we’d had it the entire time. Little luxuries.

After Flinders Ranges we had a long drive ahead of us to Broken Hill and the outback!

xo, jill

From the Hip Friday

Singapore funhouse.

Today’s photo from the hip comes from Arab Street in Singapore. I really loved the pattern on this table and chairs but didn’t feel like slowing down to take a photo. I didn’t manage to capture much of the table, but I do like the colors on the building from across the street. Plus, the composition makes me feel like I’m walking through a funhouse.

xo, jill

From the Hip Friday features photos taken without the use of a viewfinder. If you have a photograph that was taken from the hip you’d like to share here, please contact me!

Port Elliot: A Beach Escape from Adelaide

Quaint and quiet.

During our last few days in Adelaide, Mike and I felt satisfied with what we’d seen in the city, but wanted to check out a little more of the surrounding area. We decided to visit Port Elliot as a day trip. We didn’t know what to expect from the seaside town of 1,800 residents, but we were definitely pleased.

Port Elliot is small, quiet, pleasant, and pretty. There are only a handful of businesses and I suspect the locals like it that way. Not much was happening in town during our visit. The chip shop was empty, the other shops closed, and the cashier at the grocery had plenty of time to chat.

The cutest building I’ve ever seen.

I dispute the wifi reference, but love all the rest. “Kiss me, Ketut.”

I’d love to live in a tiny town like Port Elliot, at least for a short little while. Quaint and quiet but close enough to a city for when I crave a little excitement. All in all, a highly recommended day trip if you’re in the Adelaide area.

xo, jill

Adelaide Festival: Free Concert with Neil Finn and Paul Kelly

Two legends for the price of none!

Just as we were gearing up to leave Adelaide, Mike discovered a pretty compelling reason for us to stay… at least for a few more days. When the Adelaide Festival presents a free concert featuring Neil Finn and Paul Kelly, you can’t refuse. That’s just not something a person can walk away from. Even when a person is only vaguely familiar with the music.* And especially when that same concert a few days prior in Melbourne came with a pretty hefty ticket price.

Our tweets about the show were put up on the big screen!

The park was packed with people enjoying a summer evening outdoors. Everyone was ready to hear some of their favorite songs.

Crowd pleasers included:

Fall At Your Feet – Neil Finn

Better Be Home Soon – Neil Finn

To Her Door – Paul Kelly (Pretty sure this was when everyone got up and started dancing.)

Among many others. I’ve already told you my personal favorite “For the Ages” by Paul Kelly.

The concert was definitely in the Top 10 of my Australian favorites. It was truly a perfect summer evening. Even getting smacked in the face with a lawn chair couldn’t dampen my spirits.** Not only did I get to see two Australian/Kiwi legends, I got to see them playing together. Here’s a highlight reel of the concert someone made if you’re so inclined.

Thanks Adelaide for another great (free) experience.

xo, jill

*Speaking for myself here. Mike is a long time Crowded House fan.

**A super nice lady saw the whole thing and came over to offer me the ice pack from her cooler.

Hahndorf: A cool escape from Adelaide


When it gets too hot and toasty in Adelaide, head for the hills to beat the heat. The Adelaide Hills are a short 20km drive from the city and well worth the detour. The lush greenery and cooler temperatures (2-3 degrees C cooler than the city) make the hills not only a popular getaway, but a noted wine region as well. Mike and I enjoyed a few scenic drives in the area. On this day in particular we were following up on Alli and Rob’s recommendation to visit the tiny town of Hahndorf.

Looking out over Adelaide towards the water.

Hahndorf is a popular tourist destination thanks to its German origins. It is Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement (established 1839) and was settled by Lutherans arriving from a village in Prussia. There’s not too much to do in town other than enjoy a German meal and eye the German architecture, but it’s still worth a visit. We spent our time walking up and down the main street, stopping in at the candy store, and admiring beer steins and cuckoo clocks. Oh, and I marveled at the sauerkraut stock as well.

It was a pleasant day in the hills.

xo, jill

*One of the only German words my German housemate taught us. It means bra.

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