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Underwater Wild Wadi

Splish splash!
Since I’m currently in UAE, it seems only fitting to share a few photos from a trip to Wild Wadi in Dubai last year.

Mike, Allan, Hannah, and I headed over to cool down from the heat and enjoy the new water slides. We weren’t the only ones with that idea. The crew of the Amazing Race was also there waiting for the teams to arrive.

I used my underwater camera and attempted to get a few action shots on my favorite slide… but well, mostly what I got was Allan!

It was a fun day with good friends. I’m glad we were all able to create so much fun during our somewhat stressful experience in UAE.

xo, jill

From the Hip Friday

This little piggy.Today’s photo from the hip comes from Mike. He snapped it while visiting the Central Market in Riga, Latvia. I guess it’s not every day you see a man in overalls carrying around half a pig!

Thanks, Mike!

xo, jill

From the Hip Friday features photos taken without the use of a viewfinder. If you have a photograph that was taken from the hip you’d like to share here, please contact me!

Kiva Loan: May/June

3 down, 3 to go!My Kiva loan for May and June goes to Alicia, a member of the Los Encinos Group in Zitacuaro, Mexico. Alicia is seeking a loan to help pay for fertilizer and manure for her tomato plants and avocado trees. As soon as I saw the word “avocado” I was ready to lend!

A few weeks ago I came across this little video of the Grade 3 Kiva Ninjas. What a powerful way to bring the “real world” into the classroom. Good work, Ninjas!

xo, jill

Hey camels, here I come!

Flying out.

I did not expect this to happen so soon (or ever!)… but life and friendship are taking me…

back to Abu Dhabi!

It will be a quick visit to attend a very special wedding, plus a side trip to Singapore on the way. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some wedding crafts and celebrating with the happy couple. There might be a few favorite snacks I’d like to get a taste of too!

xo, jill

PS I scheduled a few posts for while I’m gone. See you next week! 

From the Hip Friday

Pastoral.Today’s photo from the hip comes from Rebecca at The Rebecca Project. Rebecca has recently resumed her life as an expat in the US after spending time with family in Australia. This photo is from a trip with friends to Orange, New South Wales. They came around the corner and the beauty of the scene in front of them took their breath away. Australia has a funny way of doing that… and often. You can see Rebecca’s previous submission here.

Thanks, Rebecca!

xo, jill

From the Hip Friday features photos taken without the use of a viewfinder. If you have a photograph that was taken from the hip you’d like to share here, please contact me!

Big Thing Thursday: Mango

If only.

Believe it or not, this big mango was one of the “big things” I was looking forward to seeing even before arriving in Australia. My friends Shirley and Tom have photos of themselves with the mango, and so does Mike (from a previous trip). I decided that I needed to have one too! So when we had a day to spare in Airlie Beach, I convinced Mike we should drive a few (78) more kilometers up to Bowen.

Yes, it was worth it. I don’t love this photo of myself (it was laundry day), but I have it!

The Bowen Mango was completed in 2002 and is of the local Kensington Pride variety. There seems to be a bit of debate as to whether or not the big mango is upside down. It is displayed with the stem on the bottom, which is how farmers pack the fruit, instead of how it would hang from a tree with the stem at the top. Have you ever wondered what it costs a to build a big mango? $90,000.

Big Thing: Kensington Pride Mango
Location: Bowen, Queensland
(mainly for sentimental reasons)

I definitely wouldn’t mind having a mango that big to eat…

xo, jill 

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