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Novelty Snacks of Vietnam

The lotus is better not in your mouth.

Novelty Snack: Street Doughnut
Description: A very sweet and chewy doughnut doused in large grain sugar.
Tastes Like: A hamburger bun deep fried and covered in too much sugar.
Verdict: Thumbs up! (But I couldn’t finish it.)


Novelty Snack: Ostar Korean Kimchi Potato Chips
Description: Kimchi is a formented Korean dish often made with cabbage or radish with seasonings.
Tastes Like: Barbeque flavored chips with a spicy aftertaste. Does not taste like kimchi.
Verdict: Thumbs up!


Novelty Snack: Saxi Chuong Duong
Description: A dark colored soda.
Tastes Like: Anise. Gross black licorice. Yuck.
Verdict: Thumbs down.


Novelty Snack: Quyanh Ann Fried Lotus Seed
Description: Lotus seed and vegetable oil.
Tastes Like: Eating a seed, really. More bland than dried garbanzo beans. These gave Mike a stomachache pretty quickly.
Verdict: Thumbs down.

While the snacks weren’t always a hit in Vietnam, the food in general was pretty good.

xo, jill

This is just to say…

…I hope you enjoy this bonus day! Plus, a little reminder that we don’t always get things right on our first try.

xo, jill

A quick trip.

Across the gulf.

Mike and I are back from spending the weekend visiting friends in Kuwait. Now I can say I’ve been to 5 of the 6 countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)! Woot. Saudi Arabia might just have to wait for another lifetime.

xo, jill

Happy Weekend!

for those of you who work!

Mike and I are busy ticking something off our giant Abu Dhabi + Surroundings To-Do List. Can you guess what it is?

And did you see my post about the Grand Mosque at Inspiring Travellers?

xo, jill

PS. You know you’re dating a teacher when he walks in with butcher paper and markers and says it’s time to brainstorm.

Instant Grand Mosque

Never disappoints.I recently visited the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque for the fifth time. I can’t get enough.

Since I already have plenty of digital photos of the mosque, I opted to bring my instant camera instead.

All that to say I have a guest post up at Inspiring Travellers today! It’s all about how to be a respectful visitor at the mosque. I wish I could make all those ladies wearing tank tops that I saw in the parking lot read it.

Please go check it out!

xo, jill

Going on a cat hunt.

Too much baby kitty.

During our first year in Abu Dhabi, Molly and I became involved with Feline Friends, a group that aims to aid and reduce the stray cat population. Stray kitties are a major problem here. Not so much because they are bothersome to people, but because they are sick, starving, and suffering on the street.

We mainly volunteered by trapping female cats for sterilization. We called our efforts: “Operation Too Much Baby Kitty.” Did you know that by spaying one female cat you are preventing at least 27 kittens from being born? (or 45 at the most!)* To us, it felt like a very worthy cause.

We continued to trap cats during the beginning of our second year. Unfortunately, at a certain point our task shifted away from trapping for sterilization purposes and towards trapping to euthanize. It’s really really difficult to trap an injured and dying cat. It’s like they know what you are up to. After too many emotional outings laying on our bellies in dirty parking lots and trying to drag cats from under cars, we had to say enough. Shortly thereafter the trapping to sterilize procedures changed and we were no longer able to participate.

Volunteering with Feline Friends definitely provided Molly and I with some lasting memories. She can even give me directions based on “where we trapped that cat, that one time.”

We affectionately called this one “Slutty Kitty.” She had A LOT of babies before we could get to her.

If you’re having any cat related issues, please contact Feline Friends. Especially before you resort to dumping your kitty on the street.

If you’re curious about how cat trapping works, I wrote a blog post for FF a few years ago here.

xo, jill

*I asked a few vets and did the math myself. It’s more detailed in my FF post.

Thanks to Sarah for the photos.

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