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Ivy League

Last weekend I saw a third pretty mountain top when we took the boat out on Yale Lake.

Mt. St. Helens, famous for blowing her top in 1980

Photo by Toni

A very nice and sunny afternoon.

Photo by Toni

xo, jill

Call the Sheriff!

We’ve been robbed!

Last Saturday it was finally time to cash in the Father’s Day gift I gave my dad. We headed up to Hood River bright and early. To our surprise and delight, the weather was amazing even at 7:00 in the morning. I’ve never seen the water on the river so calm and glassy. First stop was the historic Hood River Hotel for breakfast.

Hood River is such a cute town.

Next up, we boarded the Mount Hood Railroad on our way to Parkdale (population 266).

The view from the train was incredible. Thanks to the clear weather we were able to look over the orchards and see not only Mount Hood but Mount Adams as well. Pretty special.

Mt. Hood

Mt. Adams

We had nearly reached our destination when news spread that one of the local gangs had evaded law enforcement. We were advised to keep our valuables and loved ones close.

photo by my dad

Sure enough, out of the woods came a group of bandits!

They demanded our attention and our money!

Upon reaching the station in Parkdale we were told we’d have an hour to eat lunch and to keep quiet. Under no circumstances was the sheriff to be notified of the gang’s activity. We set out to explore the station and to eat gigantic ice cream cones.

photo by my dad

Unfortunately for the bandits, someone squealed. After a quick shoot out the sheriff had them securely placed in jail.

We boarded the train and headed back to Hood River without further incident. Thank goodness for law enforcement!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Hope you didn’t mind waiting an extra 5 weeks for your gift!

xo, jill

[The Mount Hood Railroad offers a variety of other excursions that may or may not involve make-believe criminal acts. On a beautiful day the ticket price is well worth it.]

New ocean waves.

The chilly kind.

A little peek at our trip to the beach today.

Cannon Beach, OR

xo, jill

Picnics under bridges…

are lovely.

St. John’s Bridge: Portland, OR

xo, jill

Sharing the road with camels.

A how-to.

photo by Sarah

If you do much driving outside the city on the Arabian Peninsula, there’s a decent chance you’ll see a camel or two…on the road. While it can be exciting/surprising/nerve wracking the first few times, sharing the road is really quite simple.

1. Slow down, or don’t. (This seems to be optional.)

2. Hit your flashers, this warns the cars behind you.

3. Flash your brights, this warns the cars ahead of you.

4. Continue on your way.

photo by Milad

See? It’s easy!

xo, jill

Kiva Loan: July

7 down, 5 to go!

Choosing my loan recipient for July was super easy. I like to loan to countries I’ve visited and I noticed that Azerbaijan had a few opportunities posted. Then I saw that the businesses requesting loans were little grocery stores. Hello novelty snacks! You see, it was in Azerbaijan that Molly, Frances, and I first developed our novelty snack rating system! The trip that began it all!

Photo from Khalida’s Kiva listing

Khalida works with her husband in their small grocery store. She has requested a loan of $1,800 to increase her inventory and purchase a wider selection of foods for her customers. That’s a cause I can get behind. Thumbs up!

xo, jill

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