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Time flies…

when you’re living abroad.

It seems like just yesterday I was arriving in Abu Dhabi. Not. More like a lifetime! (20 months and 24 days to be exact*)

But see how quickly time flies in this time lapse video:

xo, jill

*don’t check my math.



I saw this horror of a cake at the supermarket a few weeks ago.

I’d say Barbie is either shooting out of a yellow, pink, and purple volcano… or that’s a pretty sweet dress.

xo, jill



Shauna just sent me these photos from her visit in March. After spending the first half of the weekend in Oman, we continued the fun by exploring the older parts of Dubai.

This is us crossing the Dubai Creek on an abra.

Still one of my most favorite weekends!

xo, jill

It’s getting hot in here.

I am getting so hot…

It’s officially too hot for ice cream. It was a race yesterday to eat my delicious lemon and strawberry “natural ice cream,” which I’m pretty sure was just gelato. It dripped everywhere, including my elbow and down the front of my dress.

Forgive my shoulders. Prior to ice cream we were at a water park.

The fog on my lens gives you another clue to the heat and humidity.

It’s only getting hotter.

xo, jill

Kiva Loan: May

5 down, 7 to go!

When I logged into my Kiva account today, I had $7.08 in repayments. None of my loans have been completely repaid, but I’m in no rush. Mike’s investment has been a bit more active. The loan he loaned in honor of my birthday a few months ago has already been repaid. Awesome.

Photo from Mirian’s Kiva listing.

May’s loan goes to Mirian in Ecuador. I liked that we are the same age, but our lives are so different. She wants to buy more products for the general store she runs with her husband.

xo, jill

Places I’ve seen.

In pins.

I came across this post the other day on Tschitschi. It’s always fun to see where other people have visited. I was inspired to take a photo of my own map. Unfortunately, my pins aren’t quite as easy to see.

The side view is kinda neat though.

Click the “Places I’ve Seen” tab for the full list.

xo, jill

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