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Here I go.

Here I go. Here. I. Go. Again.

Heading off this morning for some semi-solo exploration of these fine places:

Berlin, Germany
Potsdam, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Roskilde, Denmark
Lund, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
Helsinki, Finland

xo, jill

Hello World!

Is the song that we’re singing.

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My map of visitors just recently reset for year 2. Thanks to everyone who stopped by during my first year abroad!

So long, farewell.

Auf wiedersehen, adieu.

Thank you friends and family for a fantastic six weeks in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve arrived safely back in Abu Dhabi where it’s hot, humid, and the middle of Ramadan.

xo, jill

Knees, please!

Because I can.

When I realized how few days I had left in the States, I decided to make the best of it. In short skirts.

When you take great care to not expose your knees in public for months on end, it’s a bit of a thrill to let them lose again.

xo, jill

Note: The teal dress just barely qualifies if I hold my shoulders back… and the shorts are because I wasn’t about to hike Skyline Divide in a skirt!

We have that natural beauty.

But not for long.

Near the end of the school year when the students were gone, we didn’t have too much to do. The teachers began bringing in photos from their weddings and their relatives’ weddings. It was fun to see marriage celebrated with a different style. Sarah and I were especially impressed with the brides’ makeup. After Sarah joked that her and I were going to go have our makeup done, one of the teachers offered to bring in all her supplies and do it for us.

Behold the blank canvases.

Looking over the tools I knew this was going to be good.

I immediately had to smother my mouth to keep from laughing when she began to paint black over Sarah’s blonde eyebrows! And it just kept getting better…

Sarah’s total transformation took an hour. Keeping my eye on the clock I wasn’t sure if there’d be time for my own makeover. The teacher assured me that she’d just do something simple so we’d still be able to leave school on time.

Sarah’s first comment was that I looked like I belonged in a music video. When I asked what genre of music she replied, “Maybe Avril Levine. Or Marilyn Manson!” Oh dear. Keep in mind that I can’t see myself during the process.

What’s up hottie?

Sarah and I had already agreed to wear our makeup out to a dinner cruise later that night as a surprise to our friends. I think we both regretted that pact… just a little.

In the end, the makeup didn’t join us on our cruise… probably for the best .

xo, jill

Fashion Show

Work it.

One day towards the end of the year, one of my western co-workers came to school in an abaya (black cloak) with the shaila (scarf) around her shoulders. I gave her a hard time for not going full out and wearing the shaila over her hair…

The next thing I knew I was dressed head to toe like a proper Emirati woman. The other teachers laughed hilariously, assured me I looked beautiful, and suggested different model poses.

You also might notice the lovely coniferous trees changing color in the background. Hehe.

xo, jill

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