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This is the place.

Dear Friends, Family, and various Loved Ones,

This is the place.

Stop by for frequent updates on my life in Abu Dhabi. I’d hate for you to forget me just because I’m only a few measly hours/continents away. The blog is the most efficient way for me to share the big stuff with all of you… but please, do email me (address at left) to tell me what’s happening with you and your family, and to talk about the personal things, like you know, how much I miss you! Leave comments too (you don’t have to register), they’re like little internet hugs!

Currently, here are the 2 big questions.

1. When are you leaving?
2. Why are you still here?

And here is the 1 big answer.

I don’t know!

In the meantime, I’ve been doing a lot of waiting…

Red Balloons in Field

xo, jill

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